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How to keep your Lungs Healthy

You may still not noticed how important your Lungs is, unless you have a breathing disorder like Asthma. Lungs are the organs which helps you to breathe, by removing waste gasses like Carbon dioxide from your blood stream. So simply, the function of lungs is to supply clean and fresh air rich with Oxygen to your blood stream.

Lifespan of the lungs can be affected with many factors. Like, genetic diseases and environmental factors. When the lungs are infected, they cause respiratory problems as it cannot perform its function well. So, eventually your body organs will damage and finally lifespan becomes short. Due to COVID-19, the requirement of a strong lungs has emerged.

Now let’s see how to keep our lungs healthy for a long life.


Performing exercises to burn your excess fat is great for body and also for lungs. It can prevent many health risks. To burn fat, the most effective method is to do HIIT workouts. Because it takes only few minutes but effectivity is high. Doing cardio exercises and weight training is also good to perform.

Change position

Remember to change your posture. Specially if you are a passive worker. Which means not using much of your body energy. When coming to change in position, you can stand up if you sit for a long time. Similarly you can try any other postures.

Wear a mask

Currently we all wear a mask because of the pandemic. But without pandemic even, you can wear a mask if you riding a motorbike or if you live in an area with higher air pollution. if you are working outside with higher dust amount, then also you can wear a mask. Because air pollution and dust irritations can cause severe lung problems.

Follow these simple tips to have a strong pair of lungs for a better life.