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US Subway Bread is not actual bread, says Irish Supreme Court

According to the latest reports, Ireland’s Supreme Court has stated that the bread used for the subway buns are too sugary to be bread.

Ireland’s Value-Added Tax Act clearly says that tax exempted bread can not have sugar, fat and bread improver which exceeds 2% of the weight of flour. According to Irish Independent, in the recipe of a Subway, sugar can be added up to 10% of the weight of the flour used. But, it has five times higher content of sugar than the amount which is allowed to have. So literally its like eating cake with a side dish.

According to the study of Jamie Stang, an associate professor of public health nutrition at the University of Minnesota, some of the sugar in the bread are produced during the baking process by breaking carbohydrates. Since it cannot be controlled, the best way to reduce sugar intake is avoiding refined sugar. Out of all sugar, the most harmful for the human body is refined sugar which simply is the added sugar. So consumers must be more concerned about the amount of refined sugar when taking food.

2020 is not the first year which the Subway’s bread came to spotlight. In 2014, Subway company have announced that they are removing azodicarbonamide which is also called “yoga mat” chemical, from the company.

It is a well known secret that a chemical is used to whiten and soften the flour and also to improve the condition of the dough. This same chemical is used to make yoga mats and the underlay for carpets. Anyway Subway company have stopped using this chemical in their products since 2014.