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The Most Effective Full Body Workout, Barbell Dead-lifts

Barbell dead lifts is a powerful workout to active almost all muscles in our body. It works many muscles including quadriceps, inner thighs, glute muscles, lats, hamstrings, abdominal and oblique muscles.

Since in this exercise we are dealing with lot of weights than just a pair of dumbbells, I recommend for the beginners to definitely take assists by an instructor or a knowledgeable person before performing this exercise.

Since the number of active muscles are higher, we get many benefits out of barbell dead lifts. Unlike other exercises, dead-lifts will also involves in fat burning process too.

Here are the basic steps to perform barbell dead-lifts correctly.

  • Stand with your feet slightly less than the shoulder width apart, feet under the middle of the barbell
  • Slightly bend your knees and grab the barbell with a space wider than your shoulder width (Thumbs should face to each other and in a manner that other fingers are pointed towards you)
  • Stand slowly while straightening your legs and back (squeeze your glutes while standing)
  • Hold for few seconds
  • Go back to the initial step (just touch the ground by the barbell and stand again)
  • Do for 3 sets of 8, 10, 12 or 15 repetitions

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The Best Full Body Strengthening Workout, Push ups

Push ups is not just a great multi purpose workout, but also it is a measure of your fitness level. Push ups helps to strengthen upper body and core muscles by engaging abdominal muscles. Also it works triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders when performing the exercise. Also push ups will maintain body balance and create a good posture.

There are many other variations of push ups also instead of the traditional push ups. But here I am going to

Follow the below steps to perform the push up exercise accurately.

  • Lay a mat on the ground
  • Lie on it on fours, facing down
  • Place your palms straightly downwards of your shoulders with slightly wider than the shoulder width
  • Now straighten your arms and legs
  • Hold for few seconds and slowly lower your body to the initial position
  • Repeat for 3 sets of your maximum number of repetitions

In here, the maximum is the number of repetitions that you can do at a raw no more after. Try to do 20 – 25 repetitions if you are a beginner. Even if your maximum is less than that, it is okay you can improve it later with the experience. It is good to do 100 – 150 push ups daily if your maximum is 50 or higher.

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Best Full Body Strengthening Exercise, Planks

If you are looking for a exercise which works for the total body at once, then definitely it will be the planks. Planks will work your core muscles, glutes and thigh muscles as well as abdominal muscles. Also, planks is a great workout to strengthen your abs, core and shoulders.

If you are a beginner for fitness, then you will feel very difficult to do planks. But with practice and once you increase your fitness you can increase your plank holding time.

Fitness Crackers us recommend you to start from 20 S and increase it by 10 S. Try to do 30 S in the first week and then gradually try to increase the holding time up to 1 minute from the second week onwards.

Here are the basic steps to perform the great full body workout, planks.

  • Lay a mat on the floor
  • Lie on it while facing the mat
  • Keep your elbows right below your shoulders as shown in the picture
  • Then push from you toes and hold the body with only toes and elbows
  • Make sure to keep your chin, neck, abs and thigh muscles tight
  • Hold for 30 -60 Seconds
  • Rest for 1 minute and do such 3 sets
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Best Workout for Six Pack Abs, The Crunches

If your goal is a six pack body, then crunches is a definite workout which you should add to your schedule. Crunches specially targets your abdominal muscles specifically and improves the strength of the ab muscles. Also workouts like planks, push ups and glute bridges works on your abs but crunches are directly focusing on the ab muscles. Not only that, crunches will also have other benefits too. Some of them can be listed as strengthening abdominal muscles and strengthening core muscles.

So here are the steps to perform crunches accurately without causing any harm to the spine and other muscles.

  • Lay a mat on the floor and lie on it
  • Bend your knees and keep your feets on the floor with hip width apart
  • Place your hands behind your head and cross the fingers
  • Now pull your ab muscles to up with an inclination of 30 – 40 degrees or until you feel your abs are working
  • Hold that position for few seconds
  • Slowly return to the starting position

If you are a beginner then it will be hard for you at the beginning. So try to do 20 – 30 repetitions on the first day and increase gradually when you feel nothing after covering the relevant number of steps.

If you have done exercises before, try to do 150 repetitions for a 1 set.

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Leg Raises Exercise to Tone Lower Belly

Leg raises is a great strength training exercise which specially targets your lower belly and lower belly is the hardest of the abdominal muscles to tone up. For the most of the people, even they are not fat, they have some lower belly hanging down which really looks terrible. So if you are one of them, we think this is the right exercise for you.

Leg raises is a simple but very beneficial exercise which you can do at any place at any time. Because it doesn’t need any equipment to work on. You don’t need even to go to a gym. You can do this workout with wonderful results, right staying at your home. As previously said, leg raises is a great workout with many benefits for no cost. By performing this exercise, you can enjoy many benefits. Some of them are, it can help you to strengthen your core muscles, more calorie burning, less risk of injuries and improvement of flexibility.

Same as the other workouts, leg raises is also have its own variations to target different muscle groups. Some of them are single leg raises, side leg raises, lying leg raises, leg raises hanging and also you can perform it by leg raises machine if your gym have it.

Now let’s get in to how to perform the exercise. If you are a beginner, then try to do 20 repetitions first and then increase by 10 if you don’t feel tired. If you have done this exercise before, then try to do 50 or 100 repetitions without keeping your legs on the ground. Or else you can try to cover by time. If you are beginner try to do for 20 – 30 seconds without stopping. Higher the time you perform quicker the results. So try your best to perform the exercise until your muscles fail to do a single rep again. So here are the basic steps to perform the traditional leg raises. 

  • Lay a mat on the ground
  • Lie on your back on the mat
  • Keep your legs, hands and head in straight line
  • Now lift your legs straight towards upwards until it turns 90 degree angle with your core
  • Then slowly lower your legs until almost touching the ground (keep in mind not to place your legs on the ground, you can only keep your legs down after doing the allocated number of repetitions, not before that)
  • Hold for few seconds
  • Raise your legs back upwards
  • Try 20 or 30 seconds on the first day if you are a beginner, if not try to do 1 -2 minutes. 

Perform leg raises and see the amazing results for your self. Keep in mind that none of the exercises matters until you eat healthy, Check out these recipes.

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The Ultimate Abs Diet Workout Plan to Change Your Body in 6 weeks

This is the set of workouts that I have been telling you all which helps you to make your dream body.  In this workout plan, in case you need to use dumbbells, first start with a low weight which makes you comfortable. When you feel that it’s nothing, just increase the weight by a small amount. (take the next sized dumbbell which is closest). So likewise continue doing this. 

Monday (Ab emphasize)

Repeat this circuit twice in the first two weeks. Then thrice after that.

Exercise RepetitionsRestSets
Traditional Crunch12 – 15none1
Bent-Leg Knee Raise12 – 15none1
Oblique V-Up10 each sidenone1
Bridge1 or 2none1
Back Extensions12 – 15none1
Squat10 – 1230S2
Bench Press1030S2
Military Press1030S2
Upright Row1030S2
Triceps Pushdown10 – 1230S2
Leg Extension10 – 1230S2
Biceps Curl1030S2
Leg Curl10 – 1230S2

Tuesday (optional)

Light cardio exercise like walking for 30 minutes

Wednesday (Ab emphasize)

Repeat this circuit twice in the first two weeks. Then thrice after that.

Standing crunch12 -15none1
Pulse up12none1
Saxon side bend6 – 10 each sidenone1
Side bridge1 or 2 each sidenone1
Back extension12 – 15none1
Bench press1030S2
Pull down1030S2
Military press1030S2
Upright row1030S2
Triceps pushdown10 – 1230S2
Leg extensions10 – 1230S2
Bicep curl1030S2
Leg curl10 – 1230S2

Thursday (optional)

Light cardio exercise like walking for 30 – 45 minutes

Friday (Leg emphasize)

Squat10 – 1230S2
Bench Press1030S2
Traveling Lunge10 – 12 each leg30S2
Military Press1030S2
Upright Row1030S2
Step-Up10 – 12 each leg30S2
Triceps Pushdown10 – 1230S2
Leg Extension10 – 1230S2
Biceps Curl1030S2
Leg Curl10 – 1230S2

Saturday (Abs Workout Plus Interval Workout)

Traditional Crunch12 – 15none1
Bent-Leg Knee Raise12none1
Oblique V-Up6 -10 each sidenone1
Bridge1 – 2none1
Back extension12 – 15none1


Relax, it’s Sunday. Enjoy your day as you want. 

Follow the post, “The Basic Exercises used in the Abs Diet Workout Plan” to know how to perform the exercises mentioned in the abs diet workout plan.

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The Basic Exercises Used in Abs Diet Workout Plan