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Causes & Remedies for Leg Cramps

We are pretty sure that all most all of us have experienced these irritating cramps. Scenario can be different. Because some are experiencing cramps when doing sports, some can be experience these while sleeping and many other ways. Most of us having these cramps in our legs. Some times calves and sometimes in toes.

Do you know the reason to cause these cramps? It can be due to few reasons. Cramps can occur due to overuse of the muscle, dehydration, holding the muscle in a one position for a long period of time and muscle strain. Muscle overuse is the major reason for the cramps occur during sports and for the cramps occur while sleeping is due to abnormal nerve activity. Most cramps are harmless to the human body while a few needs medical attention. Also 75% of the cramps are occur at sleep.

When comes to treating cramps, first treatment is you can change the temperature of the muscle externally. You can use a hot or ice cloth or else a heating pad or ice. You can ease the pain of the cramp by doing so. Then try to stretch the affected leg muscle using your hands. Even after those 2 tips, if your pain doesn’t improve try to take an anti inflammatory medication.

To prevent from cramps, do stretching exercises before doing sports or workouts. And stretch your calf muscles before going to sleep.