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Best Time to Drink Coffee is…

A strong black coffee can impair the control of blood sugar after a bad night’s sleep, says the researchers of the University of Bath in UK.

But one bad night sleep has only a limited effect on our metabolism, drinking coffee as a perk can be harmful to the blood sugar control, says the scientists who wrote to the British Journal of Nutrition.

It is very important to keep our blood sugar levels within the safe range to avoid catching severe diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. The scientists declare that currently the number of population with these diseases are far reaching with the popularity of coffee.

The researchers in University Bath have taken 29 healthy people as the sample for their research. Each one of the sample have asked to undergo three different overnight experiments in a randomly manner.

In the first experiment, participants have asked to have a normal night sleep and to take a sugary beverage in the morning walk.

In the second, the participants had a disrupted sleep. Where they were woke up by the researchers in every hour for five minutes time. They were also asked to take the same sugary beverage in their morning walk.

In the third experiment also, the participants were given the same disrupted sleep. But this time they were given a strong black coffee 30 minutes prior to consume the sugary beverage.

After each of these experiments, blood samples of the participants have been taken. These study finds that one night of disrupted sleep doesn’t bother the blood sugar level of the participants compared to the normal sleep. But according to past research, many hours of disrupted sleep and multiple nights can occur negative metabolic effects on the blood sugar levels of a person. So it can be concluded that disruptions occur in a one night sleep like a new born baby or any other disturbance does not harm your metabolism.

But the study says that the impact of a strong black coffee prior to breakfast can increase the blood glucose level with response to breakfast roughly by 50%. Although consuming coffee after few nights of disrupted sleep is good, the caffeine contains the potential to cause insulin resistance. Therefore even though coffee solves the sleepiness it creates another problem by limiting the ability of the human body to tolerate the sugar level in the breakfast.

Even though coffee is the worlds’ most favorite drink, it is okay to have a cup of strong black coffee in the morning after few disrupted night’s sleep. But you should not drink coffee every day as it can have other harmful effects on your body.