Skip the Gym, Plastic Surgeons Can Now Sculpt Belly Fat Into a Weird Chiseled Six-Pack

Preoperative frontal view (left) compared to image obtained 1-year postoperatively of a male patient with abdominal etching plus concomitant gynecomastia correction and deltoid/biceps augmentation (right). Photo: Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Obtaining your butt to the gym will typically be more stringent than the exercise itself. However, there may currently be a road for getting an outlined set of carton abs. Researchers at the University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller college of drugs have developed a replacement cosmetic surgery technique known as abdominal etching which will reshape belly fat to create you appear as if you pay all of your time at the gym.


Abdominal etching uses an approach to power-assisted liposuction

As elaborate in a very study recently printed within the Journal of the yank Society of Plastic Surgeons, abdominal etching uses a more targeted approach to power-assisted liposuction, a technique where a moving tube connected to Associate in the Nursing pump, removes hypodermic fat deposits through suction. A sawbones uses these same tools, to sculpt multiple layers of a patient’s abdominal fat to intensify the natural striated muscle. Lines—typically six for men, and three vertical lines for women. Based on the patient’s preferences, the sculpting can be tailored for softer, shallower abs, or a more-defined and chiseled look, as well as improving the definition of hip lines.

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