Crying For Your Ex Can Lead To Weight Loss

Most people typically prefer just to keep their emotions bottled up inside because they are afraid of being called weak or soft. However, scientists revealed that the average human being actually cries around 16 and a half gallons of tears throughout their entire life.

It’s long been known that a good cry after a stressful day can do a world of good for your mental wellbeing. But according to news reports, crying can also lead to weight loss, and science is backing it.


There’s no doubt that breakups can shake us to our core. Although we all deal with them differently, like developing depression after a breakup or making self-destructive decisions, many people have experienced the phenomenon as the “breakup diet.”

It’s true that there is a stress hormone that is called cortisol which is actually linked to obesity. This hormone is usually triggered whenever a person is feeling stressed. However, the problem with that is peoples’ response to stress.

Cortisol usually helps fight off feelings of stress. But it can only do so effectively if human beings take active roles in fighting off all of that negative energy as well. Otherwise, the body is going to think that it has used up a bunch of calories to deal with stress even when it really hasn’t.

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