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The Best Full Body Strength Training Exercise, Burpees

Burpees is a great full body workout for calorie burning exercises. It is usually an essential exercise for HIIT workout sessions. So if you are up to burn your excess fat, then it is a must to add burpees in to your routine. As it is a full body workout, it works on many of your muscles including arms, chest, abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings also.  

Burpees Benefits

Burpees is a workout with many benefits as it works on many of your body muscles. It builds your muscle strength in your legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, shoulders and chest. But most importantly, it will help you to burn calories. For an average person, 10 – 15 calories will burn if you perform burpees for about 60 seconds.

Burpees variations

In this exercise also there are few variations to target different muscles. But in this case, all of them are suitable for fat burning because they all are high insensitive workouts. Some of the variations of burpees exercise are as follows.

  • Push up burpees This is the most usual variation of the burpees exercise. The steps to perform this variation will be discussed below.
  • Side burpees – This variation is also very similar to the usual burpees variation. The only difference in this is you have to jump to the side instead of the back. All other steps are same as in the usual variation.
  • Superman burpees – In this burpees variation, instead of the push up part, all other steps are similar. You have to perform superman posture instead. If you do not know about superman exercise, just click below to know everything about it.
    Superman Exercise
  • Star jump burpees – In this variation also the only difference is you have to perform star jump instead of the usual push up.
  • Tuck jump burpees – instead of push up you should do a tuck jump. Click down below if you don’t know how to perform star jump and tuck jump.
    Star & Tuck Jump
  • Bench burpees – In this variation you have to jump on to a fixed bench or a stair instead of the push up.

How to do Burpees?

The basic movement used in usual burpees  can be performed as the given steps down below.

  • Begin in a standing position
  • Move into a squat position with your hands on the ground
  • Kick your feet back into a plank position, while keeping your arms extended
  • Return your feet into squat position immediately
  • Stand up from the squat position 
  • Perform burpees for 3 sets of 12, 15 or 20 repetitions

You can follow the picture shown below the topic to have more convenience. So, get ready to change your body.

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The Best Full Body Strengthening Workout, Push ups

Push ups is not just a great multi purpose workout, but also it is a measure of your fitness level. Push ups helps to strengthen upper body and core muscles by engaging abdominal muscles. Also it works triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders when performing the exercise. Also push ups will maintain body balance and create a good posture.

There are many other variations of push ups also instead of the traditional push ups. But here I am going to

Follow the below steps to perform the push up exercise accurately.

  • Lay a mat on the ground
  • Lie on it on fours, facing down
  • Place your palms straightly downwards of your shoulders with slightly wider than the shoulder width
  • Now straighten your arms and legs
  • Hold for few seconds and slowly lower your body to the initial position
  • Repeat for 3 sets of your maximum number of repetitions

In here, the maximum is the number of repetitions that you can do at a raw no more after. Try to do 20 – 25 repetitions if you are a beginner. Even if your maximum is less than that, it is okay you can improve it later with the experience. It is good to do 100 – 150 push ups daily if your maximum is 50 or higher.

HIIT Workouts

The Best HIIT Exercises for Weight Loss

In this post, I’m going to get you the best HIIT exercises which you can try in your weight loss journey. I tried 5 of these exercises per day in 3 sets. And I think these HIIT workouts are very beneficial than usual cardio exercises of 30 minutes. In one hand, it saves our time and on other hand, it is more effective.

These workouts help you to burn your excess fat stored in the different parts of your body. These fat-storing places can be different from one person to another. For most women, waist and arms are the fat-storing parts and for men, belly. These set of workouts will help you to burn almost all stored fat with the time. So just do it at least for a month while eating with fewer carbs, fats and refined sugar. So here are the steps to perform these exercises which gave me my dream body and I still perform these as my daily routine.

1 Burpee

The burpees is a full body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise. The basic movement in burpees  can be performed in four steps as below.

  • Begin in a standing position
  • Move into a squat position with your hands on the ground
  • Kick your feet back into a plank position, while keeping your arms extended
  • Return your feet into squat position immediately
  • Stand up from the squat position 

Repeat this exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds time. This is counted as a 1 set. Repeat this for such 3 sets. 

2 Plank Jacks

Plank jacks help to strengthen the core muscles including the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques. They also activate the muscles in the hips and back. Here are the steps to perform the exercise.

  • Stay in the plank position and keep your legs together 
  • Push your legs on to the ground and keep the legs away from each other
  • Push back your legs on the floor and get the legs again together

Repeat this exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds time. This is counted as a 1 set. Repeat this for such 3 sets.

3 Push Ups

Pushups help to strengthen the upper body and they work the triceps, pectoral muscles, shoulders, lower back and core. Here are the simple steps to perform this exercise.

  • Stay down on fours
  • Place your hands on the floor slightly wider than your shoulders
  • Straighten your arms and legs
  • Lower your upper body until your chest is near to the floor
  • Pause and push back to the starting position
  • Repeat
4 Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is a great exercise for building cardio endurance, core strength, and agility. Several different muscle groups work at the same time in mountain climbers. It is like getting a full-body workout with one exercise. Here are the basic steps to perform mountain climbers. 

  • Stay on the flour on four, hands and knees
  • straighten your hands and keep steadily
  • Get your left knee near to the left elbow and straighten your right leg backwards
  • Switch the legs in one smooth motion as now the right knee touches the right elbow and left leg stays backward
  • Repeat this leg switching

Repeat this exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds time. This is counted as a 1 set. Repeat this for such 3 sets.

5 Star Jumps

Star jumps are a great form of cardiovascular exercise which benefits your aerobic capacity and strengthens your heart. Here are the basic steps to perform star jumps.

  • Stay off down in a crouched position (knees slightly bent, arms a side the legs)
  • Jump high as much as you can while widening both of your legs and hands
  • Come back to the crouched position when touching the ground

6 Tuck Jumps

Tuck jump is a great upper and lower body workout which works your legs, glutes, core and quads. Here are the steps to perform the great strengthening tuck jump. 

  • Stand on feet a little less than the shoulder width
  • Put your both arms backwards and get the strength to jump by bending your knees
  • Jump as high as you can pointing the knee towards your chest
  • Land softly as possible
7 Jump squats

Jump squats are more effective for your glutes and legs. Women can use this to tone butt and legs. But it also works on your lower abs and legs. It is like a more power induced squat version. Jump squat is a great exercise which improves strength, fitness and balance. Here are the steps to perform jump squats. 

  • Stand with your feet a little wider than the shoulder width
  • Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the flour while keeping your core straight
  • Keep your hand beside your legs or on your head
  • Now jump high as much as you can
  • Land softley 
  • Repeat the process
8 Walking Lunges

Walking lunges is a great lower body workout with many benefits. It improves your balance, tone glutes, strengthens core and boosts hip flexibility. So here are the basic steps to perform the exercise walking lunges.

  • Stand on your feet with hip width apart, hands beside your legs with or without a weight 
  • Take a long step with your right leg to the front while your left knee almost touch the floor
  • Then repeat the same while switching the legs, so that you are not on the same position
  • Repeat