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How to keep Fit during Quarantine

Under the current global situation, it is not safe to go to a gym and engage in the usual exercise schedule. Instead of that, we must adapt and make a change. Because first priority is safety. We must live first, to do all other things. But it doesn’t mean that we should quit exercising. There are plenty of ways to workout without going to a gym.

Why we should avoid gyms?

Firstly, we have to understand the reason why it’s not safe to go to a gym. The main reason is, it gathers many people in a small area. The other is it spreads our secretions in bulks like sweat and saliva. So not only gyms. If there are any other places these two things happen, it is your responsibility to avoid those places in this pandemic era.

How we stay fit without a gym?

Even though we don’t have more weights in our home, we can do bodyweight exercises, cardio or HIIT exercises. Our recommendation is to perform HIIT or sprinting exercises as it is more effective and beneficial. You can find the importance of HIIT or sprinting exercises over usual cardio if you click here.

The next important thing as the workouts is food. 80% of your body if the food you take in. So it is very important to consider what we eat even in this quarantine. Maybe we all don’t have the same economy. But it doesn’t cost a lot to eat healthier. You can make your own food by roughly calculating the number of calories you take in. All you need is vegetables and proteins like fish or meat. You can find delicious healthy recipes from here. If simply said, avoid starch and more fat-containing food and eat veggies and fruits as much as you want. Avoid more added sugars too.

How to enjoy exercising in quarantine?

You can follow the below tips to make your routine more fun and enjoyable.

  • If you are performing jogging or sprinting exercises, you can use different tracks to give a change. Then it will not be same in all days. Remember to wear a mask and sanitize your hands after.
  • Try to find a challenge in apps or other programs to hit a target at the end of 30 days or like that.
  • Try to find substituents from your home as weights. You can use empty gas cylinders or your dog as a weight even.
  • Join your kids or pets to your schedule, then it will be more fun.
  • You can add variations to your workout. If you perform 20 jump squats then try to dance to your favourite song. Likewise, give a change.

So try to add these tips to your lifestyle while being in home during this pandemic. Stay safe and be nice.

Healthy lifestyle Stories

A study finds the Benefits of HIIT over Traditional Exercises

According to the newest research published in the American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, few minutes of HIIT workouts or sprinting exercises are much more beneficial than longer sessions of exercises. This finding states the stimulation of beneficial improvements in mitochondrion functions.

Mitochondria are the fuel stations in all living cells. They are generating energy sufficient to perform cellular activities. So as we are dealing with metabolism, mitochondria are essential to achieve a good health. After a previous research, some facts about mitochondria

A previous research found few facts about mitochondria. One is exercise has the ability to create new mitochondria. The second is, it is also can improve the function of existing mitochondria.

As a result of a single workout session, mitochondria generate a signal. This signal has the ability to lower the risk for chronic diseases by altering cells. High intensity interval training exercises are like short bursts. They are simply the physical activities which can increase your heart rate in a short time. You can use brief recovery periods in between. Still the effect of intensity towards the mitochondrial response is a mystery.

What happened in the Research?

The research has done by taking 8 young adult participants as the sample who did cycling exercises by changing the intensity. The results obtained from the research as below. All these exercises are continuously done within time intervals.

  • 30 minutes of moderate intensity workouts had 50% of peak effort.
  • Four 5 minute cycling sessions at high intensity had 75% of peak effort allocated with 1 minute of rest time.
  • Four 30 second sprint cycling sessions had maximum effort allocated with 4.5 minutes of recovery time.

The research has done by measuring the energy spent by the participants and have compared with the mitochondrial changes occurred in the thigh muscles. Researchers have found that the levels of reactive oxygen species have involved in cell signaling. These reactive oxygen have found changed in different parts of mitochondria after performing exercises. Even higher amounts of reactive oxygen can be harmful but only appropriate amounts were found in all participants.

Guess the best finding ever…

The most important finding is, fewer minutes of high intensity workouts have produced similar amounts of mitochondrial responses as the longer time periods of moderate intensity workouts. This means as a result you can burn the same amount of calories by doing loner period of moderate intensity workout or by doing few minutes of higher intensity workout. For instance researchers say that as 2 minutes of sprint exercises with intervals can be replace 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercises.

In conclusion, this is a great finding to replace our busy lifestyle and also to save our time.

Healthy lifestyle Stories

Best Pre & Post Workout Foods

Maybe you have done tons of exercises but still have no results? That can be due to two reasons. Our body is literally what we eat and what we do. 80% of our body is the things we eat and other 20% is the workouts we perform. It is not the fact that always we have to eat clean food, but also the time really matters. So we are here to guide you on the time intervals which an exercising person should eat.

Before exercising, our body needs to fuel up. But the question is, “How much we should eat?”. But there is no fixed amount. It depends on person to person by the metabolism rate of each. Simply, it is the amount of calories our body can burn.

Food for Endurance Routines

For an endurance routine of hour or more, you have to take a meal with high carbohydrate intake as the pre workout snack. At least about 300 calories. Getting a food which can increase the blood glucose level as the pre workout meal has many benefits. It also helps you to workout at a higher intensity for a longer time period.

When coming to post workout foods, the most common mistake that many of us are doing taking a considerable amount of carbohydrate. This is the reason for many of the people to not achieving their dream body. After doing the workouts, the first important step is you should drink water to rehydrate your body. Because it looses more water from your body when you are exercising. Protein is the essential form of food to take as a post workout meal. As it contains the amino acids which is required to stimulate body muscles to grow and repair.

As the second important thing after workouts is, not taking high carb containing food for the first few hours after the workout session. Because if you eat carbs at this time, the body will try to store them as fuel in muscles to use later. The recommended combination of protein and carbohydrate for a post workout meal is, 15 – 25g of protein can be eaten with 0.5 – 0.75g of carbs. We will list few pre and post workout foods down below.

Pre workout foods
  • Whole grain toast, peanut or almond butter
  • Chicken thighs, rice and steamed vegetables
  • Oatmeal
  • Protein smoothies 
  • Brown rice with chicken
  • Bananas
  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Energy/Granola bars
  • Yoghurt
  • Veggies and fruits like berries and beets
  • Or any other combination with high carb content
Post workout foods
  • Eggs
  • Greek yogurt
  • Pistachios
  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Or any other protein containing food which satisfy above requirements
Healthy lifestyle Stories

Best Time to Drink Coffee is…

black coffee

A strong black coffee can impair the control of blood sugar after a bad night’s sleep, says the researchers of the University of Bath in UK.

But one bad night sleep has only a limited effect on our metabolism, drinking coffee as a perk can be harmful to the blood sugar control, says the scientists who wrote to the British Journal of Nutrition.

It is very important to keep our blood sugar levels within the safe range to avoid catching severe diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. The scientists declare that currently the number of population with these diseases are far reaching with the popularity of coffee.

The researchers in University Bath have taken 29 healthy people as the sample for their research. Each one of the sample have asked to undergo three different overnight experiments in a randomly manner.

In the first experiment, participants have asked to have a normal night sleep and to take a sugary beverage in the morning walk.

In the second, the participants had a disrupted sleep. Where they were woke up by the researchers in every hour for five minutes time. They were also asked to take the same sugary beverage in their morning walk.

In the third experiment also, the participants were given the same disrupted sleep. But this time they were given a strong black coffee 30 minutes prior to consume the sugary beverage.

After each of these experiments, blood samples of the participants have been taken. These study finds that one night of disrupted sleep doesn’t bother the blood sugar level of the participants compared to the normal sleep. But according to past research, many hours of disrupted sleep and multiple nights can occur negative metabolic effects on the blood sugar levels of a person. So it can be concluded that disruptions occur in a one night sleep like a new born baby or any other disturbance does not harm your metabolism.

But the study says that the impact of a strong black coffee prior to breakfast can increase the blood glucose level with response to breakfast roughly by 50%. Although consuming coffee after few nights of disrupted sleep is good, the caffeine contains the potential to cause insulin resistance. Therefore even though coffee solves the sleepiness it creates another problem by limiting the ability of the human body to tolerate the sugar level in the breakfast.

Even though coffee is the worlds’ most favorite drink, it is okay to have a cup of strong black coffee in the morning after few disrupted night’s sleep. But you should not drink coffee every day as it can have other harmful effects on your body.

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Causes & Remedies for Leg Cramps

We are pretty sure that all most all of us have experienced these irritating cramps. Scenario can be different. Because some are experiencing cramps when doing sports, some can be experience these while sleeping and many other ways. Most of us having these cramps in our legs. Some times calves and sometimes in toes.

Do you know the reason to cause these cramps? It can be due to few reasons. Cramps can occur due to overuse of the muscle, dehydration, holding the muscle in a one position for a long period of time and muscle strain. Muscle overuse is the major reason for the cramps occur during sports and for the cramps occur while sleeping is due to abnormal nerve activity. Most cramps are harmless to the human body while a few needs medical attention. Also 75% of the cramps are occur at sleep.

When comes to treating cramps, first treatment is you can change the temperature of the muscle externally. You can use a hot or ice cloth or else a heating pad or ice. You can ease the pain of the cramp by doing so. Then try to stretch the affected leg muscle using your hands. Even after those 2 tips, if your pain doesn’t improve try to take an anti inflammatory medication.

To prevent from cramps, do stretching exercises before doing sports or workouts. And stretch your calf muscles before going to sleep.

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How to keep your Lungs Healthy

You may still not noticed how important your Lungs is, unless you have a breathing disorder like Asthma. Lungs are the organs which helps you to breathe, by removing waste gasses like Carbon dioxide from your blood stream. So simply, the function of lungs is to supply clean and fresh air rich with Oxygen to your blood stream.

Lifespan of the lungs can be affected with many factors. Like, genetic diseases and environmental factors. When the lungs are infected, they cause respiratory problems as it cannot perform its function well. So, eventually your body organs will damage and finally lifespan becomes short. Due to COVID-19, the requirement of a strong lungs has emerged.

Now let’s see how to keep our lungs healthy for a long life.


Performing exercises to burn your excess fat is great for body and also for lungs. It can prevent many health risks. To burn fat, the most effective method is to do HIIT workouts. Because it takes only few minutes but effectivity is high. Doing cardio exercises and weight training is also good to perform.

Change position

Remember to change your posture. Specially if you are a passive worker. Which means not using much of your body energy. When coming to change in position, you can stand up if you sit for a long time. Similarly you can try any other postures.

Wear a mask

Currently we all wear a mask because of the pandemic. But without pandemic even, you can wear a mask if you riding a motorbike or if you live in an area with higher air pollution. if you are working outside with higher dust amount, then also you can wear a mask. Because air pollution and dust irritations can cause severe lung problems.

Follow these simple tips to have a strong pair of lungs for a better life.


Is it safe to go to a Gym during COVID-19?

Covid-19 is in different spreading levels in different countries, around the globe. Some countries have successfully controlled the situation, some are currently doing well to get rid of the corona virus in the near future and unfortunately, some are getting worst day by day. The question is, whether is it safe to use gyms or not, this will be totally depend on the society or the country you live.

Is it really safe?

For the societies or countries which already controlled or above to control can be answered as “Yes, only if you follow the required precautions to avoid contacts with the virus”. And for the countries which it gets worst day by day, it is safe not to. Not even for the gym, it is safe to avoid contact with any kind of external people during the pandemic for your own safety.

How COVID-19 transmission occurs?

It has found that corona virus spreads between people from direct (by mouth and nose secretions) and indirect transmissions (through contaminated objects and surfaces). In direct transmission, secretions can be spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes and speaks without wearing a mask. Researches have shown that people with close contact (less than 1 meter) with the infected person shows a higher possibility to get the infection.

How to avoid COVID-19?

Maintaining 1 meter distance with each other while wearing masks can keep you safe from getting those nose and mouth secretions from an infected person. Also if you can sanitize your hands frequently, then you can minimize the risk of getting the virus even as it can get to you by surfaces also.

Will London Gyms close in Tier 2 lockdown?

If you are currently in UK, then this will be more important for you. As the British government has introduced a 3 tire system to control the corona virus transmission, they have implemented a few rules. The tire system is categorized by the level of infection areas. They are as medium, high and very high levels of risks.

According to the Tier 2 restrictions in London, the areas which has the higher risks of corona virus transmission has to be close. Gyms, clubs, casinos and pubs are belong to this level of risk.

So finally, our recommendation as the Fitness Crackers is, if you are in a medium level risk area, it is okay to use gyms but with the correct precautions to protect yourself otherwise it is better to do home exercises and outdoor activities.

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Study finds that Belly fat linked to Early Death

The latest study finds that excess belly fat allows a higher risk of early death by many reasons regardless of how much your overall body fat is. In America also like and even in other countries, women have risk of 8% death risk for each 10 centimeter rise in the belly and men have it 12% death risk for each 10 centimeter. But according to the study published by The BMJ, people with larger hips and thigh areas have lower risk of early deaths. According to prior studies, it is may be because of the effect that hip and thigh fat provide toward increased cholesterol and blood sugar level.

The above studies have performed by taking 2.5 million participants as the sample, who were have been studied from three to twenty-four years and the above conclusions are made after analyzing 72 research studies.

In order to determine the early death risk, measures of central fat can be used along with the body mass index which is the BMI value, says the authors of “The BMJ”.

How to measure whether you have excess belly fat?

Well it is simple. Take a measuring tape and measure around your belly a few inches above your hip area. If you are a woman and your measured reading is 35 inches (89 cm) or higher then you are in danger zone. Similarly for men, 40 inches or higher will be in danger.

How to come back to COMFORT ZONE from DANGER ZONE?

Doing only abs workouts will never reduce or burn your excess fat. It can only do is toning the abdominal muscles. But instead you can follow few tips as shown in below.

  • Workout and control your food intake.
    This does not state that you must go in a diet. Simply what you can do is doing more fat burning exercise like HIIT and cardio while eating healthy. I will describe about food in the next tip.
  • Controlling food
    When comes to food, it is not starving to death and eating only few. Effective food controlling is always eating healthy as much as you want. You can eat fruits and vegetables as much as you want. Only you have to do is reducing your carbohydrate saying goodbye to fast food with lot of oil and starch. The next important thing is cuting off high sugar beverages and take fruit juices and detox water instead.
    Fitness Cracker us always recommend you to create your own food by spending a bit of time rather than doing heavy workouts. Because 80% of your body can be toned by eating healthy and the remaining 20% will be the workouts.
    Click here to find out mouth watering recipes which you can make your own.

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US Subway Bread is not actual bread, says Irish Supreme Court

According to the latest reports, Ireland’s Supreme Court has stated that the bread used for the subway buns are too sugary to be bread.

Ireland’s Value-Added Tax Act clearly says that tax exempted bread can not have sugar, fat and bread improver which exceeds 2% of the weight of flour. According to Irish Independent, in the recipe of a Subway, sugar can be added up to 10% of the weight of the flour used. But, it has five times higher content of sugar than the amount which is allowed to have. So literally its like eating cake with a side dish.

According to the study of Jamie Stang, an associate professor of public health nutrition at the University of Minnesota, some of the sugar in the bread are produced during the baking process by breaking carbohydrates. Since it cannot be controlled, the best way to reduce sugar intake is avoiding refined sugar. Out of all sugar, the most harmful for the human body is refined sugar which simply is the added sugar. So consumers must be more concerned about the amount of refined sugar when taking food.

2020 is not the first year which the Subway’s bread came to spotlight. In 2014, Subway company have announced that they are removing azodicarbonamide which is also called “yoga mat” chemical, from the company.

It is a well known secret that a chemical is used to whiten and soften the flour and also to improve the condition of the dough. This same chemical is used to make yoga mats and the underlay for carpets. Anyway Subway company have stopped using this chemical in their products since 2014.

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Scientists have Finally Discovered the Switch to Make Human Brown Fat Burn Energy

This is about a life changing fact to many of the people who seek to burn excess fat and get in to shape.

In our human body, there are two types of fat, brown fat and white fat. We all know that fats increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. But all fat is not created equal. The best example is brown fat. Brown fat has lot of mitochondria, which are the power plants of body cells, than the white fats

Brown fat, also called brown adipose tissue, is a special type of body fat that is turned on (activated) when you get cold. Brown fat produces heat to help maintain your body temperature in cold conditions. These brown fat contains many more mitochondria than white fat does. Mitochondria are the “engines” in brown fat which burns calories to produce heat. So by the process of Thermogenesis, these brown fat cells generate heat in cold temperatures. Not only cold temperatures, these brown fat can be stimulated by chemical signals also.

Even though brown fat are this important, they are present in very small amounts in a human body. So scientists have long hypothesize and finding alternative pharmacological methods to activate the fat to improve metabolism.

For thermogenesis, it is discovered that beta2-adrenergic receptors (b2-AR) in brown fat cells are responsible for the stimulation.

It is not that far to use a drug which specifically activate the target to stimulate brown fat in humans. When it is done, patients with type 2 diabetes will start to determine if this approach can be useful to improve the metabolic control of the disease too.