About Us

Be confident and comfortable

I turned to this, because I obviously wanted to reduce my body size. I was a lean girl when I’m in my teen ages and I turned to plus size after hormonal changes with age. Because of my size, I had to face many unfortunate situations in my life. I was depressed and so down. But I didn’t stop myself there. I wanted to get into shape and build my personality for my career. Currently I am an engineer and at the same time I am a fitness instructor, who is in her twenties and I completely changed myself by creating my dream body. 

I wanted to share what I learnt and what I got from my years of experiences with others who are suffering like previous me. So I am using this site to share my experiences and the results that I got to know by my years of research on how to burn excess fat and to tell you how to achieve your dream body. 

So, follow these articles from start to end. At the end, you will be amazed from the results.

Thank you