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How to keep Fit during Quarantine

Under the current global situation, it is not safe to go to a gym and engage in the usual exercise schedule. Instead of that, we must adapt and make a change. Because first priority is safety. We must live first, to do all other things. But it doesn’t mean that we should quit exercising. There are plenty of ways to workout without going to a gym.

Why we should avoid gyms?

Firstly, we have to understand the reason why it’s not safe to go to a gym. The main reason is, it gathers many people in a small area. The other is it spreads our secretions in bulks like sweat and saliva. So not only gyms. If there are any other places these two things happen, it is your responsibility to avoid those places in this pandemic era.

How we stay fit without a gym?

Even though we don’t have more weights in our home, we can do bodyweight exercises, cardio or HIIT exercises. Our recommendation is to perform HIIT or sprinting exercises as it is more effective and beneficial. You can find the importance of HIIT or sprinting exercises over usual cardio if you click here.

The next important thing as the workouts is food. 80% of your body if the food you take in. So it is very important to consider what we eat even in this quarantine. Maybe we all don’t have the same economy. But it doesn’t cost a lot to eat healthier. You can make your own food by roughly calculating the number of calories you take in. All you need is vegetables and proteins like fish or meat. You can find delicious healthy recipes from here. If simply said, avoid starch and more fat-containing food and eat veggies and fruits as much as you want. Avoid more added sugars too.

How to enjoy exercising in quarantine?

You can follow the below tips to make your routine more fun and enjoyable.

  • If you are performing jogging or sprinting exercises, you can use different tracks to give a change. Then it will not be same in all days. Remember to wear a mask and sanitize your hands after.
  • Try to find a challenge in apps or other programs to hit a target at the end of 30 days or like that.
  • Try to find substituents from your home as weights. You can use empty gas cylinders or your dog as a weight even.
  • Join your kids or pets to your schedule, then it will be more fun.
  • You can add variations to your workout. If you perform 20 jump squats then try to dance to your favourite song. Likewise, give a change.

So try to add these tips to your lifestyle while being in home during this pandemic. Stay safe and be nice.

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