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A study finds the Benefits of HIIT over Traditional Exercises

According to the newest research published in the American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, few minutes of HIIT workouts or sprinting exercises are much more beneficial than longer sessions of exercises. This finding states the stimulation of beneficial improvements in mitochondrion functions.

Mitochondria are the fuel stations in all living cells. They are generating energy sufficient to perform cellular activities. So as we are dealing with metabolism, mitochondria are essential to achieve a good health. After a previous research, some facts about mitochondria

A previous research found few facts about mitochondria. One is exercise has the ability to create new mitochondria. The second is, it is also can improve the function of existing mitochondria.

As a result of a single workout session, mitochondria generate a signal. This signal has the ability to lower the risk for chronic diseases by altering cells. High intensity interval training exercises are like short bursts. They are simply the physical activities which can increase your heart rate in a short time. You can use brief recovery periods in between. Still the effect of intensity towards the mitochondrial response is a mystery.

What happened in the Research?

The research has done by taking 8 young adult participants as the sample who did cycling exercises by changing the intensity. The results obtained from the research as below. All these exercises are continuously done within time intervals.

  • 30 minutes of moderate intensity workouts had 50% of peak effort.
  • Four 5 minute cycling sessions at high intensity had 75% of peak effort allocated with 1 minute of rest time.
  • Four 30 second sprint cycling sessions had maximum effort allocated with 4.5 minutes of recovery time.

The research has done by measuring the energy spent by the participants and have compared with the mitochondrial changes occurred in the thigh muscles. Researchers have found that the levels of reactive oxygen species have involved in cell signaling. These reactive oxygen have found changed in different parts of mitochondria after performing exercises. Even higher amounts of reactive oxygen can be harmful but only appropriate amounts were found in all participants.

Guess the best finding ever…

The most important finding is, fewer minutes of high intensity workouts have produced similar amounts of mitochondrial responses as the longer time periods of moderate intensity workouts. This means as a result you can burn the same amount of calories by doing loner period of moderate intensity workout or by doing few minutes of higher intensity workout. For instance researchers say that as 2 minutes of sprint exercises with intervals can be replace 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercises.

In conclusion, this is a great finding to replace our busy lifestyle and also to save our time.

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