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Study finds that Belly fat linked to Early Death

The latest study finds that excess belly fat allows a higher risk of early death by many reasons regardless of how much your overall body fat is. In America also like and even in other countries, women have risk of 8% death risk for each 10 centimeter rise in the belly and men have it 12% death risk for each 10 centimeter. But according to the study published by The BMJ, people with larger hips and thigh areas have lower risk of early deaths. According to prior studies, it is may be because of the effect that hip and thigh fat provide toward increased cholesterol and blood sugar level.

The above studies have performed by taking 2.5 million participants as the sample, who were have been studied from three to twenty-four years and the above conclusions are made after analyzing 72 research studies.

In order to determine the early death risk, measures of central fat can be used along with the body mass index which is the BMI value, says the authors of “The BMJ”.

How to measure whether you have excess belly fat?

Well it is simple. Take a measuring tape and measure around your belly a few inches above your hip area. If you are a woman and your measured reading is 35 inches (89 cm) or higher then you are in danger zone. Similarly for men, 40 inches or higher will be in danger.

How to come back to COMFORT ZONE from DANGER ZONE?

Doing only abs workouts will never reduce or burn your excess fat. It can only do is toning the abdominal muscles. But instead you can follow few tips as shown in below.

  • Workout and control your food intake.
    This does not state that you must go in a diet. Simply what you can do is doing more fat burning exercise like HIIT and cardio while eating healthy. I will describe about food in the next tip.
  • Controlling food
    When comes to food, it is not starving to death and eating only few. Effective food controlling is always eating healthy as much as you want. You can eat fruits and vegetables as much as you want. Only you have to do is reducing your carbohydrate saying goodbye to fast food with lot of oil and starch. The next important thing is cuting off high sugar beverages and take fruit juices and detox water instead.
    Fitness Cracker us always recommend you to create your own food by spending a bit of time rather than doing heavy workouts. Because 80% of your body can be toned by eating healthy and the remaining 20% will be the workouts.
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