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  • How to get rid of Love Handles Quickly
    For many women, their one and only target is to lose these side tiers located on top of your obliques. These are the reason for many of the women to look like they are out of shape, lacking of a thin waist. It is true that to get rid of love handles is pretty challenging, […]
  • The Obliques Killer Workout, Side Planks
    If you are searching for a workout to get rid of your side tiers, then this is the right workout for you. Side planks muscles worked The side plank is a great workout for obliques and also for many more muscles like glutes, hamstrings , quadriceps and abductors. But it primarily work as a abs […]
  • Scientists have Finally Discovered the Switch to Make Human Brown Fat Burn Energy
    This is about a life changing fact to many of the people who seek to burn excess fat and get in to shape. In our human body, there are two types of fat, brown fat and white fat. We all know that fats increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. But all fat is […]