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  • Drinking Coffee after Breakfast is better for higher metabolic control
    A strong black coffee can impair the control of blood sugar after a bad night’s sleep, says the researchers of the University of Bath in UK. But one bad night sleep has only a limited effect on our metabolism, drinking coffee as a perk can be harmful to the blood sugar control, says the scientists […]
  • Causes & Remedies for Leg Cramps
    We are pretty sure that all most all of us have experienced these irritating cramps. Scenario can be different. Because some are experiencing cramps when doing sports, some can be experience these while sleeping and many other ways. Most of us having these cramps in our legs. Some times calves and sometimes in toes. Do […]
  • How to keep your Lungs Healthy
    You may still not noticed how important your Lungs is, unless you have a breathing disorder like Asthma. Lungs are the organs which helps you to breathe, by removing waste gasses like Carbon dioxide from your blood stream. So simply, the function of lungs is to supply clean and fresh air rich with Oxygen to […]

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