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  • How to keep Fit during Quarantine
    Under the current global situation, it is not safe to go to a gym and engage in the usual exercise schedule. Instead of that, we must adapt and make a change. Because first priority is safety. We must live first, to do all other things. But it doesn’t mean that we should quit exercising. There […]
  • A study finds the Benefits of HIIT over Traditional Exercises
    According to the newest research published in the American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, few minutes of HIIT workouts or sprinting exercises are much more beneficial than longer sessions of exercises. This finding states the stimulation of beneficial improvements in mitochondrion functions. Mitochondria are the fuel stations in all living cells. They […]
  • Best Pre & Post Workout Foods
    Maybe you have done tons of exercises but still have no results? That can be due to two reasons. Our body is literally what we eat and what we do. 80% of our body is the things we eat and other 20% is the workouts we perform. It is not the fact that always we […]

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